Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kerry made a special wreath for the beginning of Weasel Stomping Day; which we celebrate on the first Saturday after the first day of Spring.

Ben and Tom play a game of washers.

Ben and Jennifer pose in their Viking helmets.

Tom dons his Black Night helmet.

The girls sit down for lunch.

Megan made a wonderful dessert of weasel cakes -- filled with a red weasel-gut-like fluff.

The group gets ready to spread the mayo, and stomp on the weasels.

Spread it extra thick -- we want to attract lots of weasels.

Campbell makes sure that we all use enough mayo.

A weasel has been found.

Viking helmet on the plinth.

The Black Night removed his helmet to better spot the weasels.

At the end of the day, all that is left are empty mayo jars, and some stomped weasels, and thoughts of next year's celebration.

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Megan Brown said...

thank you for the great day. We loved it! the kids are already making plans for next year's edible submission.