Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm sorry, I was delayed by the President

At the NRB conference, I was able to see the President (in a room with about 1100 others). It was amazing. There is a lot of energy in a room that is expecting the President.
The TSA could take lessons from the Secret Service: they were able to screen everyone in far less time, a much more politly than any TSA group I've seen at any airport. I'd like to think that the Secret Service is doing a more through check as well.
Before the President spoke, Christopher Parkening played and gave his testimony; it was some of the most sound teaching I heard at the conference.
The President's speach went long, so I was running late to check out of the hotel. When I called the front desk to check out, I appologized for being late, I explaned that I was delayed by the President. The clerk laughed, and said she understood.

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