Friday, May 30, 2008

Open House

The GTY Canada office is in full swing. People from the neighbourhood and area listeners are stopping by for snacks and fellowship. Stan and Stephanie Broder and Don Green are here.

I will post pictures from my camera later.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Poutine: don't tell your doctor

We had a light supper at a popular chain. I insisted that Kerry try poutine - fries, gravy, and curd cheese. She liked it, but we both agree that you need a note from your doctor if you have it more than four times a year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grace Partners and Gardens

Kerry and Mrs. Cotnoir work on getting the Grace Partner mailing.

Kerry and I left the office at about 3:30pm to see if we could get a look at one of the World's finest gardens. We were not disappointed. Everything was amazing. In a few weeks it will be even better!

We found a lilac forest- every color and fragrant.


Kerry takes it in.





A Time with Friends

This is a library inside an old mill near the Cotnoir's home. The kept some of the old mill works as decor. Dave took us on a walk before dinner to see an area near the river with old mills. The park also had a large collection of unusual modern art.

David explains the hydrodynamics of the the river.

Two lovely ladies hoping for a warm place for dinner.

Canadian Beauty

Not an import, the orginal. His cousins hang out near our house in California.

A beautiful garden -- it typifies the region

Kerry noticed the profusion of lilacs. In California there is but one or two types that will grow. Here there are hundreds. We saw whole streets with hedges of them. The heady fragrance is amazing. There is such a range in colours; light pink to dark purple. When you pay $50.00 a bunch at the LA Flower Mart, there must be millions of dollars worth.

The true provincial flower was in a grand showing just down the street from the new GTY office.

Even the dandelions cannot hide the wonder of Spring in Quebec; most every house could have its garden in a show.

Provincial Flower

Officials and others will tell you that the provincial flower of Quebec is the Blue Flag; based on the fields that I've seen I'd say it is the dandelion. I've never seen so many in so many places. When the wind was blowing it looked like it was snowing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Even in Canada

Even in Canada you can find houses with unusual landscaping choices. I think a yellow sofa would be better with this house.

This house has more typical landscaping.

GTY Canada gets ready for the grand opening

This is the front door of the new GTY Canada office. The new sign has been ordered; will it arrive in time for the grand opening?

Giny oversees the placement of the new landscaping.

Kerry helps unload the plants from Reno Depot.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time Travel

I must have stepped through a time portal to the past. I have not seen a bank of phones like this in a long time. I think around the corner I will find the buggy whip convention.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oooo Weather

Now it's like a convection oven hot, dry, and windy. It's 106+!

Had a great test of sanctification when I arrived. After my charmed flight - 37 on the plane, I was first off the plane, my bag was 2nd off the belt, no line for a taxi. That's where it ended. I just paid the driver, got my bag and started walking to the lobby. Arrrrg, my phone. It must have popped off in the cab.

After about an hour on hold with the taxi company, I was able to leave a message.

During this time I was wondering how I was going to survive without text and phone. I was in my room praying that I would find my phone and trust the Lord. I set up my computer and called home. Kerry said that my phone had been found, while I was on the computer with her, the room phone rang, it was Jay. He said that my phone had been found.

The Lord allowed a fine Southern man (Winn) who had lost 2 PDAs to find my phone. He started calling people in my recently called list asking if they knew anyone in town who may have lost a phone. He even called John D who happened to be in Omaha!

I arranged to meet him where he was having dinner - the other side of town. Traffic there was not to bad. Getting back to the hotel took more than an hour.

I'm thankful that disaster is done. Now on to pandemic flu breakfast and anti-terrorist lunch.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Campbell's birthday Metella's birthday and Mother's Day

We celebrated Campbell's birthday, my mom's birthday and Mother's Day today. We had tri-tip, veg, and cake and ice cream. Tried to keep it easy.

We all ejoyed the day. And left the house in better shape than when we came.

New to town

A new place opened in our neighborhood - Red Mango. Wonderful yogurt with fresh toppings. This company pre-dates Pink Berry by 10 years. So this one is the original. We stopped by before they were open and they gave us a huge stack of coupons for free yogurt.

I'm sure this will be on our summer walk route - only 90 cals per serving.


Not your father's seminary

I recently met a GTY board member for lunch in Dallas. The easiest place for us to meet was the cafe at DTS. The food was Texas-iszed and good.

They have special parking for their female students; not the best end of town. I understand they are starting to offer MDivs as well as the mission degree that they were offering.

Next? Who knows.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finding Nemo's Head

I came home from work today and had a huge package that siad it was from Dwight Schrute. Inside the package was the head of our pinata from cinco de Mayo. The head was decorated with pix of Bubba and Mick. I'm thinking I may need to pack it up again and bless someone else with it.

If you are at GTY be sure to ask JGreen to show you the pictures of Nemo's tail.

Before I regift the fish, I'm going to CSI the box.

Results later.