Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oooo Weather

Now it's like a convection oven hot, dry, and windy. It's 106+!

Had a great test of sanctification when I arrived. After my charmed flight - 37 on the plane, I was first off the plane, my bag was 2nd off the belt, no line for a taxi. That's where it ended. I just paid the driver, got my bag and started walking to the lobby. Arrrrg, my phone. It must have popped off in the cab.

After about an hour on hold with the taxi company, I was able to leave a message.

During this time I was wondering how I was going to survive without text and phone. I was in my room praying that I would find my phone and trust the Lord. I set up my computer and called home. Kerry said that my phone had been found, while I was on the computer with her, the room phone rang, it was Jay. He said that my phone had been found.

The Lord allowed a fine Southern man (Winn) who had lost 2 PDAs to find my phone. He started calling people in my recently called list asking if they knew anyone in town who may have lost a phone. He even called John D who happened to be in Omaha!

I arranged to meet him where he was having dinner - the other side of town. Traffic there was not to bad. Getting back to the hotel took more than an hour.

I'm thankful that disaster is done. Now on to pandemic flu breakfast and anti-terrorist lunch.

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