Monday, December 17, 2007

Cooper is shocked

Not really, but the boys drinks at lunch were 4$ each. Even with our 25$ gift card, today's lunch for four was more that we spend at Brent's for dinner. I think that Buca must mean 'let's get as much from these people as we can'. The service (when we had it) was slow. They did not ask how things were till after they brought the check - which we had to beg for. They also waited to clear the plates till we were packing up to leave.

The food was fine, the prices high, the service slow, and the restrooms dirty.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I spotted Phil Johnson (famous Pyromaniac) at a SoCal luncheon spot. I do have an advantage - I know his schedule and I work with him.

He was even in one of his favorite shirts.

Christmas Shoes

This year for our annual trek to Disneyland, we spent the night in Anaheim. We wanted to start the day without too much traffic induced stress.

Cooper introduced a new level of fun - he did not bring any proper shoes. He did have his sandals that he wore in the van. After some convincing he said he could make it through with his socks and sandals.

We were blessed that the predicted 3 inches of rain never came.

We had a great day with our friends.

Family Tradition

One of the things we do as a family during the Christmas season is see the DWP light display at Griffith Park. This year the DWP went green - they switched all the lights out for LEDs. We like the new designs, especially the Observatory. If you plan to see the lights, go mid-week. The line on weekend can take several hours.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Your other right

I spotted this sign while getting on the freeway. Am I missing something?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The look of a winner

Campbell's team won again today - that means we have another 2 games to play in the play offs. Kerry told Campbell if his team won he could have ice cream. It's SoCal freezing tonight (45) so Kerry is warm at home, and C1 and I are having a great cold time have ice cream at BR31.

If his team wins both games next week they will be number one in the league and will go on to play in the regionals.