Saturday, September 29, 2007

GTY in Minneapolis

I'm in Minneapolis at the DGM conference for GTY. The sessions have been great; John was amazing.

Have met so many people who have been blessed by John's teaching.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Now waiting at Hell's Kitchen -- America's Leading Pyromaniac

"Best damn food", so so says the sign.

Had lunch with America's leading Pyromaniac and spouse at Hell's Kitchen. They bill themselves as having 'the best damn food'. Phil noticed that many of their offerings feature pears. Is this a nod to the current thought that the forbidden fruit was not an apple but a pear.

Not in LA

This sandwich shop is called 'Potbelly'. While their logo has a stove on it, I don't think it communicates what they'd like. All I see is 'eat here and get fat'. This is MN so it may be what they want.

This sandwich shop is visible from the table Mary Tyler Moore sat at in the opening of her show. The courtyard between the buildings has been enclosed to keep out the elements - but a huge rain fountain from 6 floors up splashes down.

Minneapolis she's some beautiful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Camping Again

We're camping again at our favorite place at the beach. Other than the trains, we've had no real problems - no migraines, no rodents under the tent, and no Heather-has-two-mommy types in the next camp.

Great low tides, wonderful weather the perfect camp site.

The boys have loved running in the surf and riding their boogie boards.

And keeping with our family's tradition, we are leaving a day early. We had to make our camping plans 6 months ago - once again something has come up requiring us to return early.

Next year we'll try to stay the whole time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

They should have paid more for a motto

The bottom line reads, "Where Your #2 is Our #1 Concern!"

I'm sure the staff love having that on their shirts.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Excitement part 2

The fire trucks rolled again, but this time they were not coming to GTY. A motor home went on fire in the parking lot of the building across the street. The flames were so hot, the tree in front of the motor home also went on fire.

After about 5 minutes all that was left was the soggy chasis of someones vacation - and the odd smell of burned plastic.

Excitement at GTY

Nothing says fun like 911. Our city sends everything for 911 - a truck, the paramedics, and an ambulance. The transported party is resting well and expects to be back at GTY soon.