Sunday, July 16, 2006

Unleash the Champion

On our way out of Houston we stopped at Lakewood Community Church to see what it is they do. Everything is large, lots of free parking, shuttles, and enough bathrooms for a stadium - well it was a stadium in 2002.

Today was communion - Mrs Osteen led that portion of the service. Joel prayed that we all would become the champions that God wants us to be.

The music was so loud Campbell had to put his fingers in his ears. We stood for all the opening music (30 mins). They had a time where you could come forward for prayer - complete with Kleenex. Then then communion. The best part was that in this huge crowd not one person broke their cup! Also not one cell phone rang.

The message was 20 mins and vapid.

The bookstore was the best they had everything: holy hardware, trinkets, books,DVDs, and more. They had 5 titles of John MacArthur books, several copies of each. The most ironic was _Hard to Believe_ I found it hard to believe that they would have any MacArthur books, let alone that one. Maybe someone will read it.

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Darlene said...

Interesting Sunday morning eh?
So fun to keep up with you guys on your trip - praying for safety.