Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our Trip

We've been doing puzzles after dinner. This partial puzzle shows all the states we will visit on this trip. It's much bigger than the boys thought.



That's a lot of car time. Hank the cow dog, or funny music?

fickett said...

We have listened to several books-on-iPod, and Kerry put together a road trip mix. We have about 18 (24 hour) days worth of iPod content, plus the CDs we brought with us. The boys enjoyed Lemony Snicket; they have tried not to be cake sniffers on the trip.

Fred Butler said...

There seems to be a big, yawning hole in the middle where the state of Arkansas would be. Did you loose a piece, because I know that if anyone was THAT close to land of Clinton, they could not help but stop by for a day or two?