Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A rose by any other name

We spent 2 days in Atlanta visiting friends. There are several families from GCC that have recently moved into the area. We visited the Aquarium with the Kahls, we also spent 2 nights at their house. We had a great visit, and were encouraged to see how their children have grown. We also got gas in the worst area in Atlanta - right next to the Projects, lots of fun.

We also visited with the Neals, they have returned home from GCC and seem to be well settled in Georgia.

Then off to the North side of Atlanta to see the Geoffs. The boys loved seeing them again.

Three families, each with their own take of Georgia living, each a blessing to be with.

At one of the houses (I won't say which) Kerry learned to make TP welcome roses - Southern Hospitality.

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Can you use it as a cake topper?