Thursday, July 26, 2007

LA? No LA!

I've lived in our near Los Angeles all my life, but I have to come to Louisana to see someone arrested and handcuffed from a restaurant. The 6 men sitting at the table next to our table left went to the parking lot and took down the 4 people who sat at a table near ours. The had them down on the ground knees in their backs, and were searched. Caused a small stir, the manager was on the PA reassuring everyone that all was fine and under control. Besides this I read about 2 drive by shootings in the paper this morning. I love how save I feel in rural America.

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Jay and I were on the 5 North recently, and the police had stopped traffic, and there were two people lying on the asphalt in handcuffs. Fun stuff, the safety business.