Monday, July 02, 2007

iPhone home

On Saturday we visited 2 Apple stores to play with the new iPhones. First stop was at the Grove - the phones were fully activated, but hardly charged (they had been in non-stop use since 9am). Kerry noted that you get purchase an iPhone or a new pair of Jimmy Choos. We decided to buy neither.

Later we took C1 and C2 to the store in Northridge - C2 played games on the Mac while C1 and I waited to use an iPhone. We had about 5min before we got the low battery warning. Kerry overheard someone in the store ask what an iPhone was - they must be from Brazil.


Eddie Rising said...

or from Zimbabwi

Ebeth said...

Will you buy an iPhone when the price comes down?


" . . . they must be from Brazil." Or be me.