Sunday, September 24, 2006

Punk Pram

Can you guess where this picture was taken? After church we went with our friends to Venice Beach. This punk family pushing a pram was just one of the odd things we saw. We saw many people who needed more clothes, and we saw people who needed less food.

We showed our friends why Venice is named Venice - the canals. Wonderful architecture and plantings.

From Venice we went to Melrose so they could shop. We waited at a Starbucks watching the odd people pass. Melrose is an odder odd than Venice.

There were many Jewish families in this area out and about for the High Holidays. We saw some Jewish young men in dark suits blowing their shofar.

I love LA -- You never know what you will see.

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caruanagang said...

Hi Fickett family! This is Lolly Caruana (formerly, Wilson), a student of Kerry's from Village. Hey, this is SO last minute, but our 10 year reunion is tomorrow, Sat. 30th at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach at 6pm, and I couldn't resist asking if our beloved Mrs. Fickett would be inclined to join us! I completely understand if you cannot, but if for some "random" (that was a phrase I remember being popular when I was in high school) reason you can make it, I know so many people would be overjoyed...namely, ME! :) Anyway, feel free to contact me via email or's and 949.713.7325... Either way, I hope to catch up soon!
With love,
Lolly (wilson) Caruana