Friday, September 01, 2006

Goodbye ol' Blue

Seems like only yesterday that Jay and I were diving across the desert in 105+ heat (it was the cool time). When we left Lafayette we had AC and a dream of cool sailing. When we reached Houston, it started getting humid and warm in the car. At first I thought that the AC had iced over, so I turned it off to let it melt (keep telling yourself that Fickett). After about 20 min, I turned it back on and it felt cool -- well cooler than the oven we were in at the time. At the next rest stop we pulled over and gave the belts and such a look. All looked fine but we could not make it cool. After anointing it with machine oil, we gave in and knew that it would not be cool till we got to a hotel. For the rest of the trip we drank iced water and cola. After we arrived safely in Valencia I took Blue to get its AC repaired. It worked about 80% of the time, and then only made the car cool after about 10 min -- my ride home is about 7, so the AC was only semi-helpful.

After four years of faithful service our blue car has gone to its reward. Actually it went to Make-a-Wish, it needed to go somewhere and that is where we decided. It was too iffy to let a sem student get stuck on the side of the road when it wanted a rest.

For us it was fine - as I only took it to and from work, so our worst-case was less than 4 miles from a friendly place.

Now all we have is red and gold, I bet they will miss blue, but I'm sure our neighbors are glad to see it out of our driveway.

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