Thursday, October 13, 2005

Westfield Shopping Frown

I am not a big fan of Westfield Shopping Towns. They come in and junk up the mall. At the Valencia Town Center (now Westfield Shopping Town Valencia Town Center) when they took over managment, they filled the first floor with rolling kiosks. Before there were a few in the mall, now they are end to end, you cannot pass from the left to the right side without tripping over a candle vendor. Such quality. Plus they replaced the community center (a place on the second floor with soft chairs and a great view) with a bright plasic children's play area. They have also added vending machines to the food court. Also added to the food court was a photo booth - just the thing you want when eating mall food.

Perhaps worst of all is all the ads for Westfield and others that now cover every available surface. And in a final life-sucking move they turn the fountains off during peak hours to conserve power. If they'd get rid of all the vending machines they could keep the fountains running.

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