Friday, October 14, 2005

My Friend the Hippie

A friend of mine was recently at a demonstration in the UK. Here are his thoughts:

Last Tuesday, my wife and I attended our first ever political demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament. I felt a bit of a hippie, as its normally hippies that do the 'demo thing' but we both felt so strongly about the proposed Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill, that our government is trying to push through, that we didn't feel we had any other choice but to go.

We had a smashing day singing and praying with thousands of other Christians outside parliament. Indeed it was quite an emotional experience as we sang some of the great Hymns and Christian songs proclaiming the Lordship of Christ right at the seat of government. Anyway, I thought you might like to see a picture of the rebel in your midst and a couple of shots of the demo itself. Did our prayers and witness make any difference? Who can tell, but we did hear that our singing could be heard in the chamber of the house itself, so we certainly made our presence felt. That day, of the 47 speeches made on the bill in the House of Lords only nine were in favour of the Bill and thirty eight against. It looks as though the bill we be rejected by the House of Lords with something like an 80% majority.Yet still the government wants to push it through into law - so much for our democracy..

Enjoy the pictures and do pray that the government will accept the will of the majority over this issue. Our freedom to preach the gospel depends upon it.

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