Thursday, August 04, 2005

The love of the church

California has a ton of laws. There is a new one for hospitals where all minors must be electronically monitored. Cooper has a Martha Stewartesque ankle tag. He cannot leave the ped center or go near the emergency stairs with out an escort key, or the alarms go off. I guess with all the divorce and custody issues, some parents try to steal their children while they are in the hospital. Wow one of the alarms just went off down the hall - very loud. Still no news. I was struck by the emptiness of the world - our non-Christian friends have said things like 'we are thinking about you' and 'hope it all works out well for you'. Our Christian friends have said 'we are praying for you'. We take great joy in knowing that people are pleading before our great Saviour that Cooper will be made well. What an encouragement that they are not only thinking of us, but that they are joining with us in prayer.

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