Sunday, August 07, 2005

Babe Thief in the City

An expensive free ticket. I had a free ticket for Universal Studios; it expired today - but I could convert it into an annual pass if I went to Universal today. We thought how hard could that be?

After paying $10.00 to park in the full sun, we walked to the entrance. I gave Kerry some cash to buy the boys some snacks while I ran in to get the free upgrade. While I was fighting the lines, Kerry was being bumped into while looking in a store. Moments later she realized that her cash had been stolen from her purse.

The purps must have been watching when I gave Kerry a huge roll of cash. What they did not know was I gave Kerry a roll of ones with a few fives inside -- total $20.00. They must have followed her into the shop, and reached into her unzipped purse when they bumped into her.

We hope they buy some bad sea food with the money, so they can go to the hospital and have a pastor visit them and share the Word of Life with them. Or that God would convict them for their sin.

Who whould have thought that LA's Citywalk would be so filled with sin?

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