Sunday, March 20, 2011

And it began to rain

On the way to church this morning we were stopped on the freeway for 20 min. while an accident was cleared from the lanes. We got soaked going from the parking lot to the church, then from the church back to the parking lot, then again from the car to my mom's house. Then when we got home, the wind had made a mess of our summer home, so I had to spend time in the rain getting it straightened out. I came in drenched, changed, then had to go back out to clear the drains.

After a change of clothes and some hot chocolate, I decided to go out and take some rain pictures. This is from the river that runs about 4 blocks from our house. It is normally a dry, dusty nothing of a river. Today it was flowing fast and wild. The national weather service says that Santa Clarita is getting rain at a rate of over 1 inch per hour. I came home drenched, and need to change again. Three pairs of pants in one day, a new record.

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