Friday, February 05, 2010

Remembering a good meal with a good friend

I'm going through my 11,000 plus photos, culling ones that I should have tossed long ago, when I came across this one from May 2009. Jay and I were in Chicago for GTY, we had some spare time between some meetings and events, so we did what what anyone in a similar situation would do -- we found a DDD recommended restaurant. Jay remembered seeing this place on the show, so we made the quick trip to Kenosha WI, to eat at Frank's.  I wonder what else I'll find as I go through the digital stacks.  I think I'll skip the end of June photos till a sunny day.


Flowers said...

I need you to show me what you do in Photoshop to create that. I distinctly remember the color not being that way in Kenosha.

fickett said...

Photoshop? I think something happened to my film when it was x-rayed, or there may have been some dirt on the lens.