Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What started as a normal hike

We started our Tuesday with a hike to the Devil's Postpile. From there we took a less used trail over to Red's Meadow. I was taking some pictures of the basalt formations, when we heard a noise off in the distance, then we were hit with an awful smell. We had just been talking about what to do if we should encounter a bear. Off in the distance running and at quick pace we saw something huge and hairy. I quickly raised my camera and was able to get just one blurry picture -- I had been taking pictures of rocks, so I was not ready for a moving object.

John Daley would know better than I, but we may have had an encounter with Bigfoot.


The White Wave said...

Now I'll have nightmares.

Nathan said...

Oh, you've GOT to send this post to Freddie. He'll flip out.

John said...

Finally a creditable witness! I never stopped beleiving. Thank you Bill.