Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today's lesson in Sunday school was about Peter's vision from the Lord that all things are good to eat.

In keeping with the lesson we went and had some wonderful non-kosher foods for lunch at Porto's; Cubans know how to slow roast a pig. Mmm.


Jon & Lola said...

that's awesome!! We love Porto's!Grew up going there... My parents are friends with the owners! Have you tried thier potato balls?? What a great Father's day! Happy Father's Day to you!

Marcella said...

2 cents...Not long ago (last month) I sought out a manager at the Porto's location in Burbank. Like many other people, I really like going to Porto's. However, I had to take a matter of great concern to me about the potato balls. I asked if they had changed the recipe recently. Reason: about a year ago they stopped tasting good. I don't recommend them to friends anymore like I used to. The manager said he noted the difference in taste around the same time, and said he'd ask the chef about it. Funny thing is, that it's the same chef who came up with the original recipe. Perhaps with the rising costs of food they've had forego or settle for ingredients of lesser taste quality. Sad:.(