Monday, October 01, 2007

You've just heard a message on materialism ... where do you go?

The Mall of America. I just wrapped the GTY booth upp at the DGM conference. John Piper just delivered a message on the vapidness of the American Dream; It was powerful. I had planned on driving to the forest, but a huge electrical storm forced me to change plans. I ended up at materialism central - The Mall of America. The largest enclosed something in the world. I walked around and enjoyed the people watching. The weather is going to be better on Monday, so I'm planning to go to the forest then. Minneapolis is a city full of everything.

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Ebeth said...

Though a resident of MN once upon a time never darkened doors of MoA. Posts from MPLS by you and the original Pyromaniac have caused me to feel homesick. I lived there from 1971-1984 and expected to return in 1986. But then I met Garry and the rest is history.