Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Van Nuys CreepAway

We missed the first Van Nuys bus by 3 min - we saw it pull away. After waiting 30 for the bus - we've sat still for another 30 while the driver repacked the luggage to fit more people on board. We are just now at terminal 3 and the bus is full, 10 passengers standing. It's been 15 hours since we started our journey home. Cooper is out and Campbell is fading fast. If there is no traffic we should have a 35 min ride to VNY, then if we can find our car pass, it should be a quick 30 to Valencia, and rest. This year we hit the ground running - our friends from the international office are here starting Thursday, & we are having a light dinner and proper tea on Friday.

September looks calm.

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Ebeth said...

Sometime when you have some time ask Garry or Elizabeth about their experience with the so-called fly way bus system in 2006.