Monday, November 13, 2006

5 of 5 Lions

As we continued our mad dash out of the park, I saw a spotter Hyena, but we did not even slow down for a look, but when we cam upon these two lounging by the road, we stopped to take a few pictures.


Ginette said...
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Ginette said...

Wow, Bill. What a trip. You are making me jealous, and you bring back all kinds of great memories! Could you post a picture of Graham and Jean's garden? Giny and I are following your trip thru your blog. Please say Hello! to Graham and Jean for us. From David and Ginette Cotnoir

Ginette said...

Thanks for these posts from faraway Africa. It adds a touch of the exotic as I go about my ordinary life here in cold, rainy Montreal. I started a blog after our trip to Europe this fall, with more than you want to know about our trip :-).

Giny Cotnoir