Thursday, November 24, 2005

We have much to be thankful for

My mom made an unusual dessert this year: Hot Chipotle Apple Cake. It had a spicy glaze, spiced pecans, and chipotle chili. Kerry made an organic pumpkin pie just in case. Both desserts were good.

As to our thanksgiving. Kerry and I are thankful that my brain is fine - according to my most recent tests! We are thankful for a very generous and unexpected gift, we will put towards a van. Cooper is thankful we have a house to keep us safe. Campbell is thankful that we could all be together for the feast.

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beayond said...

I had the recipe but lost it. Can you please e-mail me the recipe for the hot chipolte apple cake to I really would appreciate it. This is the only link I can find on google for this recipe.